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What Type of Hosting Is Right for Your Website?

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There is no good or bad web hosting service, but there is a good or bad one for you. Your needs for hosting can be far different from that of your neighbor, which makes it far more challenging to choose the right solution that won’t drive you insane! Out of VPS hosting, shared hosting, and dedicated web hosting, find out which will tick all the boxes for you.

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting, or virtual dedicated hosting, is a balance between dedicated hosting and shared. You benefit from full control and flexibility as you would with a dedicated setup just for you, but the costs of a shared structure – which are far lower. How it works is simple. You share servers with other websites, but imagine it in a cubicle situation. The shared servers are split into smaller VPS servers which offer full administrative control and other convenient features like you would get with WordPress hosting or even Reseller hosting.




Shared Hosting

If you’re on a budget or you’re playing around with different options, then you may like to consider shared hosting. This form of hosting involves sharing your server space with a myriad of other websites. The upside is that you don’t have to pay a lot for the privilege – sharing the fees throughout all website holders. However, there is an increased risk of downtime as well as less storage space and bandwidth.

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Dedicated Web Hosting

Prefer to be a lone soldier, going it alone? Or, do you not like the thought of WordPress hosting, or utilizing reseller hosting? Then dedicated web hosting may be for you. This option, while more expensive than others, offers full flexible. It’s like owning your own home, without the need for flatmates. No one will take up your space, be the cause of downtime, or infringe on your bandwidth. It’s just you, your website, and your web hosting supplier.

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WordPress Hosting and reseller hosting are also other options that may be worth a look, but they aren’t for everyone. WordPress hosting only works with WordPress websites, while reseller hosting is about hosting multiple sites at once – such as for various projects or entrepreneurs. Take the time to think about which type of hosting will be best for you before going ahead and signing up. A bit of research could save you a fortune now and into the future.