The 5 Kinds of Explainer Videos to Drive Your Business Growth Quickly

//The 5 Kinds of Explainer Videos to Drive Your Business Growth Quickly

Many business owners are increasingly using explainer videos on their landing pages today. They have realized that such videos on landing pages drive conversion by up to 80%. Explainer videos achieve this by keeping prospective customers on your website long enough, allowing your marketing message to permeate. Let’s look at the different kinds of explainer videos that you can use to convert your leads into prospects:

Whiteboard explainer videos

Whiteboard explainer videos are becoming popular these days. As the name suggests, whiteboard explainer videos are ones in which texts and pictures are drawn on a white background. The videos are typically accompanied by a voice-over. Whiteboard explainer videos have been proven to engage viewers into taking action.

Motion graphics explainer videos

Motion graphics explainer videos use a lot of icons, symbols, colors, and texts to pass across stories and ideas. They are perfectly adapted to established businesses or brands.

Live action explainer videos

When people hear of explainer videos, they usually relate them to animation. But, explainer videos can also come in the form of live action. Live action explainer videos show real people, locations and much more. If you get the right people, you can make great explainer videos.

3D explainer videos

These are time-consuming and costly explainer videos, which mean you’ll need a big budget to produce them. That’s why they are well-suited for large corporations. There are endless opportunities when creating this kind of videos and they can take your brand to the next level, as they are very impactful. If you’re looking to get your name out there as a technologically savvy brand, this is the kind of video for you. Also, these videos can be zoomed and rotated to show all the elements in the video, making the audience to get immersed in the video.

2D explainer videos

2D explainer videos are, by far, the most popular kinds of explainer videos. They are the best explainer videos for those who don’t have a big budget. They can be made fast and have been proven to deliver results. If you’re looking for a versatile way of creating explainer videos, then 2D is the choice. Even if you’re making animated explainer videos in 2D, your only limitation is your creativity.

Other kinds of explainer videos you might stumble across include stop motion, screencast, topography, and 2.5D animation. Using some of these videos will help you achieve your business goals quickly. And understanding the different animation styles will help you make killer videos to trump your competition