How to Create an Amazing Video Script for Your 60 Second Explainer Videos

//How to Create an Amazing Video Script for Your 60 Second Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are short and writing a script is not an easy thing to do! Read and discover how to create an amazing video script for your 60 second explainer videos!


Writing a script for your explainer video is a little bit tricky. A high-quality and perfectly created video must have a uniquely written script to grab viewers’ attention and convince them that you are the right business and solution for them. The purpose of a handwriting and a unique script is each business has a different target audience and they all have different needs and preferences. You need to come up with the best script that will meet the needs and preferences of your target group. You need to find the best way to transmit your message to your people.

When writing the video script you need to keep in mind that explainer videos are short and writing a script for 60 second video is a challenging process. However, you have nothing to worry about, as we are here to help you! We are going to present you a few insider tips for creating an amazing video script:

  • Emphasize your words and tone – Write the script in a way that can be easily understood and read by the voiceover. In other words, emphasize your words and tone – include the tone and words, phrases and events that you want to focus on and also don’t forget about the music. All of these things matter as they will bring your video to life!
  • Show your sense of humor – There are two reasons that drive people to watch a certain video – to be entertained or to gather a few information about a specific brand. According to a research, the most successful marketing and promotional explainer videos include both helpful information and humor which is why humor in videos is a very popular and essential tool. So, when writing your script, don’t forget to show your sense of humor, your people will appreciate it for sure!
  • Write just enough – An average 60-second explainer video has to include from 160 to 180 words in it. This number may vary based on the pauses and stress, and language. Longer scripts will not perform well, especially when shared on Instagram and other social media platforms.

By using these tips, you will be able to create a great script to motivate your viewers to purchase your products and use your services!